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Localization Solutions

At Morningstar Global Translations, we offer an expertise in localization solutions.
Our value proposition is both simple and practical: we help our clients achieve
higher cost savings across multiple projects, faster time-to-market release of products and technical documentation, financial returns on your investment, mitigation of risk with regards to long-term localization planning, protection of the digital translation assets that you build over time, and a globally stronger competitive edge.


Here's how:

Certified translation services
Document translation
Professional translation services
Risk Mitigation

As a trusted business partner, Morningstar Global Translations finds it important to have in place a system of checks and balances in order to ensure that quality is not compromised. Our 3-tier approach including translation, editing and proofreading helps us to achieve the highest level of quality and accurately convey the meaning of the source text.

Our rigorous linguist vetting system sets forth a list of criteria that selects only the most qualified resources for our client's projects.

Click here to learn more about our linguist's credentials.

Higher Cost Savings

At Morningstar Global Translations, we provide value at both sides of the equation - higher revenues and lower localization costs. Our insider knowledge and proficiency with technology allows Morningstar to provide each client with the most time and cost efficient approach to their localization projects.

Use of translation memory allows us to work directly with a comprehensive list of various file formats and given the nature of repetitive content within and across documents, on average can help save our clients 15-20% on associated translation and multilingual layout costs.

Find out more here for a list of our supported file formats.

Faster Time-to-Market

Time-to-market is crucial when it comes to launching new products and its supported documentation. Delays in the release of the foreign language versions can result in missed business opportunities or negative brand perceptions. At Morningstar Global Translations, our translation workflows and translation memory help to dramatically reduce the total translation time. Our clients benefit from the simultaneous launch of products globally and the ability to deliver content for multiple target audiences over multiple channels and in multiple languages.

Professional language Translation
Translation services
Professional translation services

Return on Your Investment

Forward thinking companies are investing in solutions that accelerate their existing business channels and present new business opportunities for growth. Language, when delivered in a comprehensive manner is a powerful way to increase commerce and create value. A survey of several Fortune 500 companies conducted by Common Sense Advisory found that while companies spend less than 1% of revenue on localization efforts, doing so contributes to 30-60% or more of total revenues.


Protection of Your Digital Assets    

Morningstar Global Translations takes to heart our client's safety and best interests. Our daily IT back-up system ensures that your translated files and translation memories are properly protected.

Our confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements with both clients and linguists also helps to ensure that your business documents remain confidential  and safely within the walls of our company.


A Competitive Edge​

Whether competing within new and emerging markets or gaining a larger market share within existing markets, the benefits of localizing content for local audiences are endless. Not only is localization a means to increasing brand value, but research has shown that translation is a critical enabler of customer satisfaction and the customer experience, both of which when done optimally, is a means to keeping competitors at bay.​

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